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Cherry-Todd Districts

Updated on March 23, 2018
Zone 1 Dan Valburg, Whitney A. Meek
Zone 2 Dave Assman, Shawn Bordeaux, Noah “Sandy” Tucker
Zone 3 Byron Stolzenburg, Justin Brickner
At-Large Kathleen Woodenknife


Shawn Bordeau, President; Justin Brickner, Vice President; Dave Assman, Secretary; Whitney Meek, Treasurer; Dan Valburg, Noah”Sandy” Tucker, Kathleen Woodenknife, Byron Stolzenburg


David Larson


Management Staff
Tim Grablander (General Manager)
Theresa Benda (Office Manager)
Mark Iyotte (Line Superintendent)
Beau Westover (Member Services)

Office Personnel
Julie Dimond (Bookkeeper)
Robin Schmitz (Lead Billing Clerk)
Kathy Klein (Billing Clerk)
Leila Husman(Secretary)
Lyndalou Millard (Cashier)

Operations Personnel
Darrell Scott (Lineman)
Kolby Krogman (Area Foreman)
Chris Rahn (Lineman)
Rocky Wiedman (Lineman)
Tanner Lolley (Apprentice Lineman)
Jonathan Allen (Apprentice Lineman)
Samantha Plank (Materials Clerk)
Greg Jackson (Meter Technician)
Kevin Lavery (Right-of-Way Crew)
Eliot Hight (Apprentice Lineman)
Connor Venard (Apprentice Lineman)



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