Updated on March 23, 2018
Zone 1 Dan Valburg, Whitney A. Meek
Zone 2 Wayne Frederick, Shawn Bordeaux, Noah “Sandy” Tucker
Zone 3 Justin Brickner, Jerry Fullerton
At-Large Glen Yellow Eagle

Noah ”Sandy” Tucker, President

Justin Brickner, Vice President

Shawn Bordeaux, Secretary

Whitney Meek, Treasurer

Dan Valburg

Glen Yellow Eagle

Wayne Frederick

Jerry Fullerton

David Larson

Management Staff

Tim Grablander (General Manager)

Theresa Benda (Office Manager)

Chris Rahn (Member Services Manager)

Mark Iyotte Jr. (Line Superintendent)


Office Personnel

Samantha Plank (Bookkeeper)

Kathy Klein (Billing Clerk)

Jasmyn Old Lodge (Billing Clerk)


Operations Personnel

David Piper ( Foreman)

Kolby Krogman ( Foreman)

Mark Tucker ( Lineman)

Jonathan Allen (Lineman)

Rocky Wiedman (Lineman)

Tanner Lolley (Lineman)

Eliot Hight (Lineman)

Connor Venard (Lineman)

Adam Hahn (Apprentice Lineman)

Greg Jackson (Meter Technician)

Kevin Lavery (Materials/Maintenance/Warehouse)


  1. To support the member owners of Cherry Todd Electric Cooperative by providing the highest quality electric service at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business practices.

  2. To provide information and guidance to our members to assist with energy usage and application questions as well as decisions concerning energy conservation and electrical upgrades.

  3. To support the local communities that we serve through our education and scholarship programs, support of local community organizations, and supporting our local business economy to the fullest extent possible.

  4. To provide our members the opportunity to participate in cost saving efforts, such as the water heater demand control program, to keep our electric rates as low as possible.

Mission Statement

Cherry Todd Electric Cooperative is dedicated to serving and supporting our member’s interest by providing the highest quality electric service available, while maintaining our electric rates at the lowest possible cost to the membership.

Operations Statistics 2017
Square Miles Served 3,066
Number of Members 3,542
Number of Meters 5,964
Farm and Residential 3,984
Pump Services and Seasonal 1,217
Irrigation 366
Small Commercial Less Than 100kW 361
Large Commercial 100 kW or More 19
Street Light Contracts 17
Miles of Line 2,397
Overhead 2,277
Underground 120
Meters Per Mile of Line 2.5