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Call 811 before you dig! They will then contact all utilities so the buried lines can be properly marked, so you can dig in a safe environment.

There is no cost to you, the caller, for the use of this system. The system is supported by utility companies in South Dakota as a means of preventing damage to their buried lines.

Anyone digging in South Dakota is required to call South Dakota One Call system 48 hours prior to digging. The only exception would be when the homeowner is gardening at a depth less than 12 inches or when a farmer is tilling a field at a depth less than 18 inches. Privately owned utilities (i.e. power from the meter to the hourse would be the responsibility of the homeowner to have located). Many electricians or private locating companies will perfrom this service for a fee.

After the buried lines have been marked and the 48-hour interval has elapsed, the digging can proceed. If digging is required within 18 inches of any marking, it should be performed with hand tools to prevent damage to the buried line.

You should never assume the buried line is a specific depth as landscaping or other environmental factors may have changed the original depth that the line was placed. If damage does occur, you must notify the utility company or South Dakota One Call right away. Do not attempt to repair a damaged facility.